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WORSHIP ON YOUTUBE CONTINUES following the Center of Disease Control's recommendation.  All church on-site activities and onsite worship have been suspended until further notice.  Please join us for live stream worship on YouTube each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Go to Youtube.com and type in Heritage Presbyterian Church Glendale AZ in the search box. Then click on the church name when it appears.  If you have any trouble, please contact any one of our TECH TEAM members for help:  

Mark Joyner  360-448-3879 mjoyn57@gmail.com Scott Peck 623-866-8837  scottp1212@gmail.com Steve Lind  908-500-4871  steve@sdlind.com Margaret Bailey 623-523-1581 margaretluana@cox.net David Bailey 623-203-3364 davidabailey@cox.net

A SPECIAL THANK YOU from Jeff DeYoung to everyone who organized and participated in his Drive-by Birthday Parade.  It was a very special surprise and meant so much to him!  He misses everyone and looks forward when we can all be together again at church.

      NEW DAILY BREAD DEVOTIONALS for June, July, August will be available at the Drive-by, Drop-off Event at Heritage on May 30th.  Drive-by to pick one up!  

  SECOND DRIVE-BY DROP-OFF DONATION EVENT at Heritage will be Saturday, May 30 from   8-10 am. In addition to Agua Fria and HART’s year-round supplies, they are requesting the following items most needed at this time.  AGUA FRIA:  Hand soaps in pump bottle (not sanitizer), canned vegetables and fruits, and dried pasta.  HART PANTRY: For the first time will provide over 150 backpacks to the schools throughout the summer, so continuing donations are very important at this time.  Ruth is especially grateful for the monetary donations that Heritage has recently provided.  Staple items have been increasingly hard to find and some replacements (e.g Ritz crackers) are expensive.  Your donations have been a tremendous help in this difficult time. Most needed items at this time: Ritz crackers, bread, juice, protein bars, filled sandwich crackers (e.g. Lance’s or Keebler’s).  And the usual items: apple sauce, fruit & pudding cups, Handi-snacks (cheese & crackers in separate compartments), instant Ramen lunch cups, instant Mac and Cheese, canned pasta. The same social distancing rules will apply for this drop-off event.  Please place items in your car trunk and we will take them out for you.  If you can’t get out to go shopping, you are welcome to bring a check made out to Aqua Fria Food Bank or HART Pantry and we will mail them in for you.  You are also welcome to drop off your offering to the church if you do not do direct pay from your bank.  Hope to see you on May 30th!  


  HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, AND POST-GRADUATES please let us know that you are graduating so that we can celebrate with you.  Email the church heritagepres@gmail.com with your name, school name, and if college, include your degree.  

ARE YOU SEWING MASKS AT HOME?  The Mission Committee is curious about how many members are sewing face masks either for yourself or others.  Please let us know if you are involved in this tremendous effort at home. Email Roni Kozlowski RKoz543@aol.com or Margaret Bailey margaretluana@cox.net to let them know whether you are currently sewing or want to get involved in this project. 

CHURCH OFFICE IS CLOSED so all staff can stay safe at home and still work.  Your calls, emails, mail, etc., are still being received and responded to Monday through Saturday.  For emergency calls, contact Pastor Karen at 602-577-1177 or preacherkaren@aol.com.  If you have a key to the church buildings, we ask that you refrain from entering the buildings during this stay-at-home time.  Thank you.  I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday morning.  To prepare for our time together take a look at the lectionary readings for this Sunday: Acts 1:1-11, Psalm 47 or Psalm 93 Ephesians 1:15-23, Luke 24:44-53 Be blessed.  Be calm.  Be safe.   Pastor Karen