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Week of December 27, 2020

5830 W. Greenbriar Dr., Glendale, AZ




WORSHIP IS ON YouTube LIVE-STREAMING FROM THE SANCTUARY.  There is no in-person worship at this time.  For online worship go to Youtube.com and type Heritage Presbyterian Church Glendale AZ in the search box. Then click on the church name when it appears.  If you have any trouble, please contact any one of our Tech Team: Scott Peck 623-866-8837, scottp1212@gmail.com, Steve Lind  908-500-4871,  steve@sdlind.com, Margaret Bailey 623-523-1581 margaretluana@cox.net, David Bailey 623-203-3364 davidabailey@cox.net.


TO PREPARE FOR SUNDAY WORSHIP take a look at the lectionary readings for this Sunday:

Isa. 61:10-62:3 and Psalm 148; Gal. 4:4-7; Luke 2:22-40


BLUE LIGHTS IN THE MEMORIAL PRAYER GARDEN will be lit through New Years Day from 5pm to 9pm.  The lights remind us that many are grieving and missing loved ones this Christmas season.  If others are in the garden when you arrive, please wear a mask and practice social distancing. 


“WE ALL SAY THANKS” to healthcare workers, teachers, and all essential workers.  God bless you!’”  This is the 4’ x 8’ sign the church has on display along 59th Ave.  Feel free to add a balloon or some other secured decoration to add to the thank you display to show your appreciation. 


IT’S FELLOWSHIP TIME AFTER THE WORSHIP SERVICE THIS SUNDAY from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. on ZOOM. Gather with friends for about 30 minutes, or pop in and pop out at any time during this half-hour gathering.  A ZOOM invitation is sent out each Friday. 


CHRISTMAS JOY OFFERING is now being received through the end of the year. By giving, you honor God's gift of Jesus Christ by providing assistance to current and retired church workers in their time of need and developing future leaders at Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color.


CHRISTMAS FUN FOR KIDS on Sunday at 11:30 a.m.  Join Rebecca Gray and Karen Lindberg for Bible stories, singing, dancing, and doing crafts related to Christmas and Advent.  Please share this message with your children or grandchildren wherever they may be as all can join together on ZOOM.  


HABITAT FOR HUMANITY is seeking family partners to assist as each family comes through the Habitat program. This is an individual or couple that steps alongside the family as they as go through the Habitat program. Many, if not all, of our families are first-time homebuyers, and having someone go through the process with them can mean so much!  If you or anyone would like to become a Habitat Family Partner please contact Maribel at maribel@habitatcaz.org


NOW IS THE TIME before the end of the year to give your gift to Habitat and take an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit of $800 for married couples filing joint, and $400 for single Arizona taxpayers filing separately.  A wonderful way to help Heritage build our next Habitat home and get a credit on your Arizona state taxes!  Send your check with the form included at end of this Heritage Happenings or print “Heritage Church/Presbyterian Coalition” on the memo line of your check so that your gift goes toward our next Habitat home build coming up soon!  NOTE A NEW P.O. BOX ON THE FORM BELOW.


MEN’S FELLOWSHIP meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 12th    Check your email for your ZOOM invitation. If you have not attended before and are interested, email Jerry Muenich at jerrymuenich@gmail.com to be added to the ZOOM invitation.  Invite a co-worker, friend or neighbor to join with you. 


THE WIRED WORD will next meet on Tuesday, January 26th at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. No meeting the month of December.  Join Jerry as he leads a discussion of a current news story and how the Bible speaks into today’s events.  You will receive an email prior to class that gives you the class material.  Contact Jerry to be added to the class at jerrymuenich@gmail.com


THE PRAYER SHAWL GROUP meets on Fridays at 9:30 am on ZOOM. Email Roni at Rkoz543@gmail.com to be added to the ZOOM invitation.  A great time to learn to knit or crochet. 


JOYS & CONCERNS will be lifted up during live-stream worship on Sunday morning when you email these requests to heritagepresprayer@gmail.com 


PRAYER CHAIN continues to take prayer requests by contacting Margaret Bailey at margaretluana@cox.net or Marsha Remenap at marnare3@gmail.com.  These requests are not mentioned during live-steam worship unless you ask that they be included. 


CHURCH CONTACT for Jean at the office 602-938-7063 or email heritagepres@gmail.com. To contact the pastor directly, call her at 602-577-1177 or email  preacherkaren@aol.com.  You are welcome to email the pastor for personal conversation or needs.   If you have a key to the church buildings, we ask that you refrain from entering the buildings at this time.  The staff works from home with a limited number of hours in the church office.  




Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona                             

P.O. Box 39730          

Phoenix, AZ 85069                                            Church:  Heritage Presbyterian



Name ___________________________________________________________                                                                                                                              


Address _________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip____________________________________________________




            Check enclosed $______________      


            Visa, MC, Discover or AMEX_______________________________ Expires: _ _ / _ _


            Dollar Amount $____________ Signature ____________________________________


*Please make checks payable to Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. If you would like your church or organization to receive credit; please note its name on the memo line.


Habitat for Humanity does not attempt to give tax advice. Please contact your tax professional with further questions or if you wish to confirm that you qualify for this tax credit. No goods or services were provided in consideration, in whole or in part, for this gift. All gifts are transferred promptly to the program designated.